November 21, 2017

Shadow Form Upgrades

With the return of Shadow form spells in the form of Shadow Trickster, I thought it be interesting if our past Shadow forms would get an upgrade. We could get these someday from Professor Venkman and get granted our third shadow pip slot.

Shadow Archangel

 +30% incoming damage, +35% outgoing heals, and upon healing, grant your entire time a 300 Absorb shield. This is an upgrade from the absorb 100 and increased percentages of stats.

Shadow Passerine

 -25% incoming healing and universal resist, +500 flat damage & +15% damage to all outgoing spells & +80% Armor piercing. With a spell that'll help you pack a punch, it's gotta have its drawbacks. Upon casting a damage spell, you would grant your entire team a +10% Bladestorm.

Shadow Soldier

Intercept 40%  of all incoming attacks for allies, +85% increased block and +15% Resist & Stun Resist.
Upon intercepting damage, you gain a -20% Tower Shield. No matter what, intercepting damage from one ally or three allies, you will only gain a single shield.

May 29, 2017

New PvP Spells

With new PvP updates coming, I'd thought about a few concepts. What if they gave Diego more spells to learn? Here are a few concepts:

April 19, 2017

Turning Fish into Pets

What if we could turn the fish we.. well fish, into pets of our own? We could gather that fish, a bunch of reagents, and visit a fishing vendor. We would have to be a certain rank in order to turn a fish into a pet. The possibilities are endless. Imagine the hybrids?

April 12, 2017


There hasn't been an upgrade to Extraordinary since its release. Why not have something like this? It could add in the removed spell of simplify into a much powerful spell learned at later levels. (Suppose to be spelled Phenomenal) 

March 30, 2017

Battle based utility

Let's think about the main component of battling; Pips and turn order. Currently, there aren't that many spells to control those components. Strategy is a little stale at the moment, but these spells can lead to interesting combos or a tide turner in combat.

What kind of strategies could you pull off with these spells?

Focus would allow you to use a pip to gain a power pip, where as imbue allows you to convert your white pip into a power pip. Both are basically the same. 

Lightbringer brings an entirely new concept. Upon casting this you will gain first turn advantage. You will need to confirm that you want to cast this spell. The downside to this is you will lose all access to shadow magic. 

March 29, 2017

Level 127 Utility Spell concepts

Superior Link 

An AoE Fire DoT and an AoE healing over time for allies

Frozen Heart 

Heal for 40% of your maximum health (Ignoring health boosts) and apply a -25% Tower shield. This spell can only apply to yourself

Particle Acceleration

Double your Critical Storm damage to your next outgoing critical storm spell. This will double your critical DAMAGE. Instead of 200% from a crit, your crit will do 400% of the damage. In the case of PvP, it would make it go from 130% to 160% critical damage.

(Text should say double instead of +100% to remove confusion)

Shifting Altercation 

Trade all hanging effects (DoTs, Charms, and Wards) with an enemy target.

Merciful Ressurection

All allies regain 25% maximum health after being defeated in combat

Juju's Reprise

-90% next outgoing damage spell to all enemies

Mana Singe

80 damage per pip and destroy 3 pips to all enemies. An AoE Mana Burn basically.

Charm and Shield manipulation Level 125

Imagine if your favorite spells had an "All" version. These are what they'd look like. They're AoEs as well. Maybe someday.